Friday, May 25, 2007

Tales from the Trenches

This week I took our van in to get the emissions done. When I got it back I noticed this little sign on the console between the front seats. I thought that perhaps the mechanics had done it because they have a lot of jokes and political cartoons up in the office, and they know Rob from a long time back when he used to deliver auto parts for his dad's store. Then I found out that it was actually my daughter Maddie who had put it up. It says:
Here is Will, who just finished doing his first grade dance at the school's dance festival. He did the hand jive, with the whole thing choreographed with chairs (which I think is a great way to keep your first graders in line -- make them think the chair is a prop and they'll stay where they're put without problems).

Just this weekend he took off his own training wheels and then learned to ride a bike in just half an hour or so. He and Rob were going off to the church parking lot to practice and he turned to his sister and said "You can come on this adventure for the ambiance." I'm not certain if Maddie was there to enjoy the ambiance, or if she was the ambiance.

This morning I asked Sebi what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said "A plant." When I queried him about it, and suggested that usually little boys said 'policeman, fireman, teacher, mailman' and the like, he changed his answer. Then he said "A muffin."

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dividend and Eureka

Yesterday Sebastian and I tagged along with my dad and my sister Karen as they went on a hunt for ghost towns in Utah county. There are four or five listed out past Goshen and we decided to head there. I don't head down to Springville in my usual routine, so Spanish Fork is pretty far out, Santaquin is back of beyond, and I'd never been to Goshen.
The first one we came to turned out to be Dividend. They mined approximately $80M worth of tin, silver, copper and lead from the mines there before it died out. There is absolutely nothing left, though rumor has it that the company who owns it is considering returning. There were a few cement foundations, two water tanks on the hill, and the remains of this structure.

Then we went to Eureka, which is still inhabited, though the mines are closed. We explored this caboose, saw Porter Rockwell's cabin, ate at the Tintic Cafe, and bought treasures at the antique store there. Sebastian got a blue convertible to play with because he couldn't fall asleep on the way back because the fishing pole Grandpa Shumway had purchased poked through from the trunk to the dashboard.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Idea of the Day

Today Rob and kids bought a box of Jelly Belly beans for Mother's Day and a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans for the kids to consume. Will wants to point out that he didn't go on the trip and hence, didn't partake of any flavor beans. But back to our idea, we think that Jelly Belly should include the Bertie Bott's flavors when coming up with their recipes. Here are some of ours:

Load of Laundry:
peanut butter
grape jelly
roasted garlic
Mud Pie:
chocolate pudding
french vanilla
Pork n' Beans:
baked bean
The Morning After:
Baby aspirin (this isn't currently a flavor, but we think they should try it)
orange juice
I think they'd be winners! Can you think of any recipes? I didn't come up with anything good for jalapeno, booger, or earwax. . .