Sunday, March 25, 2007

Some Days Are Longer Than Others

So last week I had found the drill, the driver bits, the drill battery, the new drawer pulls, the screws, the dresser, and me, all in the same room at the same time. Taking it as a sign, I began installing new pulls so that we wouldn't have to use our fingernails to pry open the boys' drawers anymore (I had taken the old ones off a few weeks back while trying to make up a useful but low-risk job for Will and Ethan Oscarson to perform; this was ok, but the real hit was using the fertilizer spreader).
After installing all six drawer pulls, I realized that I hadn't heard from Sebastian in about ten minutes and it was all quiet in the house. When this happens, it usually means that he's opened my favorite pot of hand cream and is carefully applying it to all of his limbs and his Matchbox cars. So I dashed around the house and found him here:
I guess we're not ready to give up naps altogether! Which has been lovely, because it means that I can paint some doors and replace doorknobs for a few hours on the odd afternoon if I'm willing to let him stay up late with us. Last night he joined us for "World's Fastest Indian" with Anthony Hopkins as a man whose big dream is to get to the Bonneville salt flats outside Wendover (hmmm). He and I agreed that the exciting climax was scary, and then he kept asking "whys dat da end?" which was too philosophical a question for me.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Persuasive Letter

Madeline's class had to write a persuasive letter to their parents using backup and reasons with an intro and conclusion. Most of the kids were working on a later bedtime or more allowance, but this is what we received:

Fri. Jan. 26, 2007

Dear Mom and Dad,

I wish I could have more reading time. One reason is it keeps me Quiet. Another reason is I can learn new things. Please can I have more reading time?

One reason is it keeps me Quiet. When I silent read, I am very quiet. I don't make a disturbing noises. Now you see how I'm quiet when I read.

Another reson is I can learn new things. I can learn all about bugs. I also learn about different cities. That's how I learn from books.

Therefore, you see, more reading time would be verey keep me Quiet and make me smarter. Please can I have moe reading time?

Love Maddie