Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Real Food and Junk Food that I simply must have

Before we took off from Utah, I warned Rob that when we arrived after our 5 days and 4 flights, I wanted three things: a glass of Apfelsaftgesprizt (cold, the way we Americans keep it at home), a nap, and a Doppelkeks. 
This is like an inverted Oreo cookie with chocolate spread between two round flat butter cookies. It's not haute cuisine. It isn't even terribly good. It's just always there when you're in Germany and Austria.
So Rob stocked up.
But then these yahoos came around and ate the entire package. This has to have happened in under five minutes. Because Rob went and bought them, and then. They. Weren't. There.
Boo yahoos! You have to carry all of the food you're going to eat with your own two arms. You don't get to eat us out of house and home. You're not even swimming right now!

But I will survive. Because I am in LOVE. Whoo, this summer flavor is great stuff!
Also, I got a Doppelkeks today.

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