Friday, June 05, 2015

Hallstatt: pretty as a postcard

 While on our boat ride, we ran into these crazies. Two of our students had to come late because of an appointment. Thankfully Will and Sebi were there to greet them and get them out on the water.
 Such lovely water! And I'm relieved they sat down.
 Maddie went with students on one of the paddle swans.
 Look how huge my boys are becoming! They must be up on a step or something, but it's still always a surprise to see these gargantuan creatures walking around the house.

 The other swan full of students.
They say that before there was a road tunneling through the mountain behind the town, traffic had to crawl on this road. I cannot imagine it! There are enough of us tourists making things slow without cars.
Joss and Sebi still had energy to burn on the swings (how do they do that?!).
Three of my favorite buildings on the market square.

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