Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gänsehäufel swim day

We knew that Friday was going to be (yet another) scorcher. The weather has been really tough so far. So we planned a day out to an island in the middle of the Donau. We invited all the students and grabbed our towels and a picnic and headed east.
 My first stop was the wave pool. I love this place. You head way down to the deep end and just float around. It's all of my favorite things about the ocean and my favorite things about pools in one place.
 But everyone else was excited to get into the Donau, which, I concede is more unique to Vienna. Here Will makes a grand entrance.
 And here is nearly everyone in the group.
 Maddie and Will giving Joss the toss. He'd gotten his stitches out that morning--we don't waste any time babying that one. Good thing the kid can swim!
 Plenty of jumping off the pier and splashing around. The temperature in the water (in the river and all of the pools) was 77 degrees--delightfully cool when the air was in the nineties.

 It's such a novel thing to go to a pool now and have four kids who all swim! They went all over the island and only came back for food. (They should have come back for more sunscreen!)
 I love this pool too--it has a metal bottom to reflect the sun and help heat it up.
The best thing was that we felt cool all the way home. Until the sunburns kicked in on four of us, that is!

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