Saturday, June 06, 2015

At dusk and beyond

 Once we got settled in Hallstatt, and had taken Joss on all the sightseeing he could reasonably handle, I went back and indulged in a great Hallstatt nap. Jet lag had hit. Hard!
Rob and most of the kids ended up down here at the park on the lake. It has to be one of the only parks with such a jawdropping view.
 Several of the students found their way there too.
 Kids played on the playground.
 And posed on the diving board. I think Will is significantly missing here--taking a nap like his mom. Maddie only had one or two meltdowns from lack of sleep; she hit the ground running and never looked back. And Joss is just Joss--we expect him to keep up with the rest of us and seldom consider that he's 7 and just went without sleep and switched 8 time zones.
 Awesome boathouses.
 When the lights come on in the city . . .
 The BYU students wait until it's pitch black and then they all take a Hallstatt polar bear swim. 
 Crazy! We've gained a reputation. This time they looked like they were having so much fun that these kids in the back stripped down and joined in.
Maddie dives into oblivion. I'm a bad mother for allowing this.

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