Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Splendid Slip N Slide

All of these fabulous action shots were taken by Curtis. You can see more of his work on his Facebook page. 
Our friends the I's have a wonderful park with this big hill. It's wonderful for sledding in the winter, but during the summer, they occasionally hook up several hoses and roll out a large sheet of plastic and everyone goes wild.  They invited us over the night before we were leaving for CA, but we weren't going to miss it. We also had our nephew Eli playing with us for the day.
 All the McBoys: Eli, Joss, Sebi, Will, and Rob.
 Joss torpedoes down the slide.

 Sebi, ready to scare anything.
 Rob and Eli (he wanted to go down! Rob wasn't pushing him!).
 Maddie and Liam wipe out pretty spectacularly.
 Steeled for the end of the ride.
 Will and Maddie race.
 Rob and Eli try dolphin riding.
 Sebi plays air guitar.
 Several of the dudes have a boys' run.
 Will shreds the descent.
 Sebi picks up an armful of grass. 
And Joss does the Superman. It's a fantastic event and just the right way to celebrate a hot summer afternoon!

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