Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day is also Rob's brother's birthday, so we tagged along with them on their adventures, knowing it would be a party. First on the docket was a hike to Battle Creek Falls. Here Joss shows us a cave suitable for bears, snakes, or other creatures.
Me, Kathy, and Jessie, whose birthday is just two days later. Happy Birthday, Jessie!
Once we made it to the falls, Rob and Rick did another in Rick's #happypeople series. I find this one pretty compelling. They are like Hans and Franz.
Then of course the boys had to be dragged into the drink too . . .
this is a panorama of all the action. There were a lot of people up there with us.
The the family set about building a dam, which is what they always do when they're by water. I have to think that somewhere there is a family who always breaks down dams when they go on hikes and outings.
The beautiful view looking back down the valley. We walked down the hill and arrived back at the parking lot just as an ambulance pulled in, sirens screaming. We had narrowly missed one of the young guys doing a stunt and getting a compound fracture in his leg -- glad we were gone.
We got lunch and then drove up American Fork canyon where we were miraculously able to get a picnic table at swinging bridge. Then we came down here and splashed around and made another dam (because that's what we do, get it?).
It was one of the loveliest places in the valley that day, sitting in a camping chair with your feet in the melting snow river.
Jessie came up with a throwing challenge: get a rock across the stream into one of those drain pipes. And after many tries, she did it! Pretty amazing!
It was the perfect place to be.

Rob found a deep spot in the river. Eventually we went back down to American Fork where we showed The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to Rob, ate dinner and watched an epic firework performance. Rick took Will with him to buy the fireworks, and we are certain that it was one of the best trips of his life -- getting to buy all the expensive kinds of explosives and lots of them! It was a spectacular display.
And this, my boys vying for dominance in the river. My favorite part is Rob shouting "Shoe! Shoe! I'm taking that to Switzerland! Shoe!" as Will's falls off and starts floating downstream. It was a fantastic Pioneer Day.

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