Sunday, July 06, 2014

July 3rd

July third was the only day we didn't have calendared. Rob and Saydi and I went on a jog and didn't even get lost in Oakland this time. Several of the ladies went to the flower mart to buy flowers for centerpieces. 
Will had warned us NOT to calendar anything for him because he was going to be in the basement. True to his word, he went down and built wooden boats nearly all day long. And entirely by himself. It was gratifying to see him work the power tools.
I gave Kiecoo a belated birthday present: this quilt I'd made after I saw her apartment in Chicago. Maddie and I were both binding quilts on the car trip out and I heartily recommend it as a way to pass the time. I began in Provo and I wasn't finished until nearly Reno.
Grandma and Saydi and I made the centerpieces for Monday's party ahead of time. Other people made other things. 
I love this two phone haircut: one is to entertain Emmeline, and the second is so Saydi can check the video on YouTube while she's working.
The Model A was just coming out to be taken to the cemetery. Those who didn't fit inside were in the rumble seat. Those who didn't make the cut followed along in the Pilot.
We threw bread to the ducks and turtles. There was some blackberry gleaning.
There was also softball throwing, and learning how to make duck calls with blades of grass. These are both very important skills.
Me and Kiecoo, home from Chicago.
There were sock puppets to be made.
This was a valiant attempt to resuscitate the Ariel Square Four, and it was started, but then deemed too dangerous to continue (I think it was leaking oil).

And for lunch, we stopped by Bakesale Betty's to buy The World's Best Fried Chicken Sandwich. And some cookies, to be on the safe side. Then Sebastian spotted and remembered the Doughnut Dolly sign and dragged the posse in there to get a couple of those. They are doughnuts that you get custom filled for you while you wait. It was a memorable lunch and a very full day for not having anything planned.

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