Wednesday, July 09, 2014

At the Beach

Being at the beach again was fantastic. The kids loved it, but so did the adults!
This was Joss's first time heading into the waves, but he caught on very quickly and was soon getting tossed about.
"Eez a porpose!" This one really is! We saw at least two, probably 20 feet from the beach, frolicking along. Rob and I had seen them once from our window, but never before while we were standing right there.

Once the icicles were hanging off everyone's noses, we headed back to the hot tub.
And the intrepid cousins even went into the pool once they'd thawed out.
Any game that involves a lot of splashing or displacement of water will do.
This one is a family favorite: Rob sits on the side (already you can see why we like it) and shouts out a mode of death--gunshot, thrown knife, poison, zombie attack, death by disco, etc. and the kids have to act it out as they fall into the water. Whomever does the best job with their death/fall gets to choose the next method of murder.
[if you click on this one to enlarge, you can see a sea lion at the crest of the wave] We went down to watch the sunset and "blow out the sun". Certain people managed to get soaking wet and freezing cold again, but that's nothing that can't be fixed.
And we had singing time, guitar-playing time, and grandma and grandpa each told a good story. One was about how Grandpa had saved the Model A from running into a restaurant in Kanab, Utah. Grandma's story was about their courtship and how Grandpa had convinced her that she needed to date him. We also ate like kings!

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