Friday, June 27, 2014

Some Dead Life, and Some Live

 Joss and I took Eli to the newly-reopened Bean Museum on campus. This is the one that our friend Ethan O. calls "The Museum of Dead Life". It is, mostly. Here the boys are playing Ugly Grizzly Bear and as you can see, here they are "shaking their head in anger at the crowd around the cage."
 Here Joss was happy to be wrong that they did not have an elephant. They did indeed.
 Eli in front of the butterflies. I am still such a sucker for a blue butterfly or a green scarab beetle.
 And we imitated many different animals, alternating between fierce predators and horrified prey. We went to Carterville park and played around until nap time (we are specializing in tiring out toddlers right now). 
 That evening, we went out to El Azteca for dinner, Pop 'n Sweets for dessert, and walked around the west side of campus.
 There we ran into a deer who was pretty far from the mountains.
And several new families of ducks. They're doing a lovely job sprucing up these two sections of campus, but please don't get me started on the rest of their remodel.

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