Monday, June 16, 2014

Scout Overnighter: Goblin Valley

 Going through our pictures, I realized that Rob has been doing a really good job as scoutmaster. They have done a whole lot of stuff together. I had forgotten all about this trip down to Goblin Valley in June.
 They stayed outside, on BLM land, and had this great campsite with a hoodoo in it. Rob got up in the middle of the night to move his tent because he had convinced himself that it was going to fall on him in the middle of the night. 
These guys go roughing it for real, with no water and no facilities at all. In my camping life, I'm heading the other direction. I want to find excellent showers next to lakes and streams. That's what I'm talking about!
 After breakfast, the boys went on a hike. Since it was a slot canyon, I can't show you very many pictures before I start hyperventilating. That's Kirt.
 And there are the boys, running ahead, determined to wedge themselves permanently into the landscape.
 The whole crew this time around: Kirt, Ben, Will, Carl, and Matt.
 Thankfully Will didn't have any problems with this hike. Thankfully there weren't any flash floods either.
 The boys.
Chillin' in the hoodoos.

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