Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Joss's Sixth Birthday!

 With two kindergartens, lots of family attention, and a very late friend party (pictures coming later), Joss's sixth birthday went on and on and on. Here he is in his Wasatch class, wearing his crown. I got to come in, bring treats, read one of his favorite stories, and watch them all dance.
His Wasatch teacher was the sort of kindergarten teacher you wish every child had. She ran her class by the book, with paper bag indian vests at Thanksgiving and cotton ball-bearded santas at Christmas. And for each child's birthday, they got to pick 6 different actions and then the whole class would follow along in the dance. For her part, she said Joss reminded her of a small town southern politician. I think it fits.

 At home he wanted chicken curry and salmon, and was heartbroken that I wasn't going to make both of them for his birthday meal. He'd just eaten the better part of a fish the day before, so we just had chicken curry.
 He had cakes and ice cream and treats and presents o'plenty.
Six Things I Love About Joss at Six
1. He still says "breaktast" (shhh!)
2. He has become a really great reader this year. I didn't see it happening back in August when he only really recognized "J" and "O" and "S" regularly
3. Joss is the only one of my boys who wants to dress hip. He loves wearing skinny jeans and bright colors and is very fun to shop for.
4. His vocabulary has taken off with his reading. He'll drop in a couple of polysyllabic zingers that his siblings don't even register, but are way above his age.
5. He is always enthusiastic -- is always grateful for "this wonderful day".
6. He still like to come cuddle in the morning with his sleepy little face.

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