Monday, May 12, 2014

Ballroom End of Year Performance

Maddie had her end of the year performance. I always enjoy watching her and the whole show -- they really love performing and they have a great time. This time around their coach was in on all sorts of pranks -- having Princess Leia come on in the middle of the boys' Star Wars routine, Olaf and two guys in coconuts and tutus in the middle of the girls' Frozen dance, and so on.
The only thing sadder than my little phone videos is the official videographer. I own a few of these DVDs now, and I can't even figure out which bouncing blob is my daughter. So it's out of focus and the ends are kind of wonky. I can still tell which one is Maddie. She's the one in green. She's obviously her father's daughter -- he and his brother took disco lessons in the 70's.
Here she is doing the foxtrot. The costumes are all the same, but she's the one who blows a kiss near the end.
Here is the latin medley, and again I apologize for the focus -- my bad. Maddie comes out toward the front left corner at the beginning.
Finally, here is Maddie doing the Charleston. For anyone still watching (grandparents), Maddie is wearing red and comes running to the middle back of the stage. She and her partner are the tall guys mostly in the back.

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