Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gingerbread Market: Final Product

 Here are some shots of the final product after we cleaned up the kitchen and scrubbed off the royal icing: The onion-domed tower.
 Joss's booth for gluhwein and kinderpunsch, which he created when he finally caved to our positive peer pressure.
 A better view of Will's licorice "sushi" sign on top and the japanese character on the side of his booth.
 The whole thing together. I think it's a credible market! It could happen. And our family would certainly go check it out.
 This view shows the kids booths better, I think.
And one last picture of Sebi's confectionary toy shop. Coming up, I'll show you the amazing gingerbread house that Barbara brought to my parents' house for Christmas. We are going to learn a thing or two from this one!


Dorian Baldwin-Bott said...
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Jeffrey Baldwin-Bott said...

I love how the sushi booth has 4 huge pieces of roll. I suppose if someone sold sushi rolls that big, they'd only need to sell 4 to earn your keep. Stellar job on everything!

(I figured I should post it from me and not from my daughter:))