Friday, December 27, 2013

Fort Mason, Lombard Street, Ferry Building and the Parrots of Telegraph Hill

 Once we were back in San Francisco we called Rob to  come pick us up from his adventures through the city. Rob was on a quest to see as much of the city as possible while using free parking. John called Clarissa who was on the far side of Golden Gate Park. I didn't know how we'd ever find each other, but it came together like something out of The Italian Job. We told Rob to stop at the pier's driveway, and as he pulled up, Barbara and Clarissa slid in right behind him. I tell you, Shumway in-laws are nearly superhuman when it comes to timing! 
(like the time Rob, Sebastian, and I traveled back to Boston for a conference -- Jeff and Saydi lived nearby and were expecting their first child. When we arrived at our bed and breakfast, we got a note that Saydi had gone into labor. She had Hazel that night at a birth center that was five minutes walking from the place we were staying. Those odds are next to impossible on both Saydi's part and Rob's!)
We drove over to Fort Mason and unpacked our picnic at the community gardens there (and the parking was free!).
 Because we had seven of us all in the Pilot in San Francisco, we decided to go down Lombard Street. Just because we were there. Admittedly, Maddie's experience standing out the sunroof with grandma was more memorable, but it is still an obligatory tourist experience. 
 Rob finally relented and we paid $1.85 for parking and walked over to the Ferry Building.
 The Ferry Building was all bedecked for Christmas and I was able to get the persian lime olive oil I've been waiting for for years. Yay!
 And we perused the cheeses, the breads, the salted pig parts, and shriachup and so many other delicacies.
 Walking back to the car, we saw four of the famed Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. They have a book and a documentary about them. I hope this is just a splinter group and not the only survivors. But it felt like a good omen to spot them.
[click to enlarge] It was a full day of touring San Francisco and it was so clear and warm and beautiful for a bunch of pasty frozen Utahns. I think we thawed out a bit!

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