Thursday, December 05, 2013

Christmas Recital

 The kids had their semi-annual concert at the Piano Gallery. For once, we all got there early and the kids got to run through their pieces and tune up ahead of time. I got pictures of them both so I could sit back and enjoy the pieces during the recital, though that meant I didn't get video. Margaret had all of the kids play either a Christmas song or a hymn -- but something that could be played in church. 
Sebastian performed "Count Your Blessings" which had been hairy practicing there close to the performance (there had been tears, metronomes, and raised voices many times), but he pulled out a fantastic rendition for an audience.
 Maddie was in the final spot, and she performed "My Shepherd Shall Supply My Need". She doesn't like us to listen to her practice these days, and she says that she does it while everyone else is out of the house, so I'd only heard this once or twice, and never with the accompaniment -- it was glorious! Margaret's piano part was lovely, and Maddie cut a striking figure up there; for the time being, she is Margaret's only violin student. Everyone else has switched to piano, or dropped out. We were not surprised when Maddie and Margaret were asked to play again in sacrament meeting in January. It's a lovely piece and they do it well.
This guy continues to want to play an instrument like his siblings. He'll be a force to reckon with on whatever instrument he chooses!
I was so proud of both our performers. They had worked for weeks on these pieces and their performances were very nearly flawless. That evening Sebi came up to me and thanked me for making him practice with a metronome -- thanked me! How often does one get gratitude for dishing out torture? It was a "parental paycheck" moment. Which reminds me, I'd better get those kids practicing!

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