Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

This was the beautiful Christmas Eve table. 
Joss gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up. Good holiday fun!
And the food was excellent too.
Rob made up a special bunte teller for the Lyons of their traditional pfeffernusse and that gingerbread star from Fatapples. Yay, Fatapples! We would have gone there any way, but to find a gingerbread star that we love? Excellent!
We retired to the living room to sing carols and read Luke 2 . . .
. . . and have Aunt Kiecoo read How the Grinch Stole Christmas . . .
. . . and open pajamas . . .
. . . and eat princess cake!
Nedra and Barbara. Barbara introduced us to princess cake in 2008. I think I first had it while I was pregnant with Joss, and perhaps that is why Joss and I are just crazy about the stuff. Joss managed to get people to give him both the slice with Santa on it, and the snowman at different times. Yum! I could devour a piece right now, I could.
Barbara also brought over this astounding gingerbread house from a charity auction. It was breathtaking. So much so that my kids wouldn't even eat it -- they had too much respect for the medium. (How often does that happen?!)
Everyone got fleeced up and ready for bed.
Even J-man. And it was off to bed.

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