Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas California Style

 At the grandparents' house, no one goes in to see what Santa has brought until everyone is lined up and the great living room door gets unlocked.
 Joss was so excited he had to check his heart rate.
 When we finally got the door open, he found a new Razor scooter and limited edition Minecraft Legos. He was happy that Santa found him out in California.
 Sebi and John, trying to figure things out through a princess cake hangover (Sebi) and a fog of Mountain Dew (John).
 There was lots of presenting and lots and lots of wrapping paper to get out of the way. For the first time in my memory we didn't have a fire in the fireplace on Christmas because of bad air quality. Instead my sister set up her laptop with a full screen flickering fireplace. Unfortunately the laptop didn't get rid of the wrapping.
 Joss made off like a bandit with oodles of Lego kits. Minecraft and Batman and Creator and on and on.
 Uncle John dove in with both feet and tried learning how to play Flash Point at the same time he taught it to two overeager boys. It's a great game -- you try to save the victims of a fire before the house collapses and you cooperate with the other players.
Maddie got clothes, boots, jewelry and more clothes.
 In the evening we took the three boys over to the cemetery to try out their new toys:
 a giant scooter for Sebi, 
 a longboard for Will, 
 and of Joss's scooter too. Mountain View cemetery had lots of nearly level roads to try out, and a lot fewer cars to bump into. 
 It was a beautiful sunset.
It's a beautiful place to live. Rob kept asking why people live anywhere else. I couldn't give him any satisfactory answer!

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Jessica said...

"Housing prices" is an unsatisfactory answer?