Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 Cornbelly's corn maze up at Thanksgiving Point is another one of those things that we'd never taken our kids to do. They're growing up so fast, and Maddie and Will are probably too old, but I wanted to do it once all together. The long weekend was the perfect opportunity. I dragged them all up on Monday afternoon.
 They had lots of different places to play and eat, and I was glad there were things that even the older kids could do. 
 There was an entire princess dress up area that terribly popular with the little girls. Mine has outgrown the dresses, but not the fancy balls, carriages, or princes.
 Joss was the right age for everything. He enjoyed the bouncy horses once I convinced him how to ride them. 
 Joss and Maddie did the burlap sack slide . . .
 . . . and Joss even tried the tricycle races. 
 Then we were ready to tackle the corn maze itself. Our secret weapon was Will, who had looked up and printed out a map of this year's maze. I don't know how you would ever find your way out without one. Even with the map we managed to get lost and argue about a different route out.
 It was very pretty and warm inside the maze, but terribly windy on the grounds outside of it.
Then the B girls came to meet us and my camera was out of batteries. But we did some of the same activities over, like the corn maze, some new ones, like rubber ducky races, medicine ball-sized pingpong, and the kids all dared each other to go through the haunted fun house and this huge inflatable  monster (dinomonster? blow up lizard with fangs? I'm not really sure what is was). 
You walked into it's mouth and down its digestive tract past its heart (?) and came out somewhere from its nether regions. Joss had such a drang to go through it. Even once he'd been through, he wanted to go over and over and over again, to conquer it. Unfortunately, MA doesn't do claustrophobic situations, especially loud inflatables shaped like monsters. So I paced around the behind of this thing each time Joss went in.
Liesl got everyone cider donuts and we called it an afternoon as the wind got even colder. But I knew it was a success because Joss wanted to extract a promise immediately that we'd come again next year. He wants to conquer the haunted fun house.

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