Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Joss's morning kindergarten

 It was such a lot of waiting, but finally it was time for Joss to start kindergarten. The assessments were in and his teachers were ready.
 His first day at his morning kindergarten, his papa had to do everything. Including taking the pictures. Here are Joss and Leah heading in to the playground.
 Once inside, they found their friends. 
 Every morning after you hang up your backpack and put on your name tag, you have to sign  your name and answer the Question Of The Day. 
 Here is Zinnia painting. She and Joss are going to have lunches together each year since they both attend the same morning and afternoon schools.
 Joss is so excited to do all the things that people do at school. He is so ready to play with play dough and sand and paint and read and eat. Bring it already!
And he is surrounded by a bevy of beauties all the time. Two on the way to kindergarten and another as a lunch date. Of course they've all known each other since nearly birth and they do act just like siblings, but it will be lots of fun to see them together for one last hurrah this year.

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