Saturday, August 10, 2013

Will Goes To Scout Camp

 So Will and his scout troop went up to Camp Steiner. 
 Here is the group. I really can't say much about it since I wasn't there. 
 I also can't say much because every picture screams "insurance liability" to me.
 The momma in me is so glad I didn't know about any of it.
 The claustrophobe in me wants out. With a vengeance.
 Rob went up for the last two days. 
 He fit right in with the boys.
 Insurance, insurance, insurance, momma, momma, momma.
 Ack! The evils of peer pressure.

 The troop's cabin was kinda rustic. As in 'only has three walls and old boards covering the bed frames'.
 They whiled away their time doing merit badges and catching chipmunks.
But it was pretty. They were supposed to stay until Saturday, but after it had rained and they were miserable, Rob and the other leader decided to call it quits. They told the boys if they were packed up in an hour with no complaining, that they'd go home that night. They were out in a flash, and it was prescient, because the other leader had just had a very unexpected death in the family and no one could reach him by phone at the camp. It was plenty of excitement for the first year, and after seeing the pictures, I'm going to be a lot more motivated to get Will's merit badges done here at pow wows!

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