Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tea Party Redux

For one of her birthday parties, Maddie had a tea party. Her friends all dressed up in everything from gloves to Disney princess costumes and we decorated straw hats with ribbons and silk flowers. Wish I could find the picture -- it was adorable.
 Maddie and her friend decided to have another one. They wrote up invitations and made food and Maddie and her Papa worked very hard in the backyard. Joss was driving his dad crazy by this point and the girls even dressed him up and invited him along. He seems to have had fun.
 Eliza and Maddie Lou

 Hadley Bea and Abby
 Maddie sampling the lemon sorbet and the rosewater ice cream.
 The garden cooperated even if the weather did not. 
 Joss the party animal.
Eliza looks like her fairy godmother is just setting her back down.

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Lee and Sharon said...

Fabulous idea, hope Madden has a great birthday today