Monday, July 08, 2013

Bear Lake, Northshore

 On Monday we went to the Northshore beach. I was worried it might not be as good as the east side, but it was just as shallow and warm and sandy. Perfect for Eli, who loved playing in the sand and water. Here he and Tyler show off the hot tub.
 Sebi just about maxes out the little kayak
 Macklin workin' it for the camera
 Rick and Eli on a kayak ride
 The whole beach set up
 Rob's sisters: Heather and Betsy
 Will and Tyler practice their . . . uh . . . whatever that is
 Betsy and the birthday boy
 Ron gives Eli a push
 Ron and Heather, taking a break from their move down to Logan
 Heather tries out the paddle board. I like this one because she looks all Hawaiian.
 Joss and Adam -- now they're fighting less, and getting lost more
 Jessie and Maddie
 Meghan gets up
 Sandcastles were built, towers constructed, sand was drizzled
Most of the family

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