Saturday, July 06, 2013

Bear Lake, Eastshore

 My sister-in-law's family generously invited us up to their house for the weekend. We all love it there.
 There is lots of warm water, blue skies, soft sand and kids in life jackets. Just in case anyone thinks Rob and I are getting off too easy by having an adolescent like Maddie, let's get a close-up of that shot:
 Yes. There it is. The I-am-15-hear-me-roar face while I apply sunscreen to her back. We'll now return you to your regularly scheduled reading.
 I got a couple chapters  further in Lean In, which I liked, but I also really like this article that Rob sent here about the real obstacles facing women and work today.
 Rob corralled the numerous kids and built a huge sand peninsula, full of castles, bridges, moats and other things.
 Impromptu dance party at the Snowmobile
 Kids hanging out in the boat
 Rob having quality pretzel time with Peter. He's really as good as everyone says.
 We took a ride on the new sailboat
 Can you believe the colors? Just unreal.
 Peter quickly declared himself Skipper of the boat, and the only one fit to steer.
 Spencer, Cam, Joss & McKay were our en-route entertainment. They sang "We Are the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and made up several new verses.
 A rare moment.
 Another rare moment.
 Cooling off in the middle of the lake
 Most of us tried water skiing
The sand subdivision continued to grow
 It does my heart good to see these two getting along. 
 The water was just incredibly clear.
 Joss tried out a strange new hamster ball inflatable thingy. . .
. . . with his new friend Shayla
 There was lots of floating and boating and swimming and paddle boarding
Joss and Emmeline worked on digging out a hot tub
 We taught the kids to play Sleeping Queens and the adults tried Telestrations
 while Rob and Jeff took the boys out for a polar bear swim and a dip in the hot tub

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