Sunday, July 07, 2013

Bear Lake, Dingle

On Sunday we attended the Dingle ward with Saydi's family. We plumped up their primary and classes quite a bit, and were treated to metaphors on river rafting and spiritual experiences about hay baling. Maddie came out shocked that everyone in the YM wore cowboy boots.
We had Christy's fish tacos, which Rob has had a craving for since he first tried the sauce. Then we packed up and drove up the road to our rental for the McFarland reunion.
These were some obliging horses next door
I remember that Betsy and Rob would take the grandkids over to visit the horses up in their Orem neighborhood. This reminded me of it.
Eli was fascinated, but unsure
Then we came back and had dinner for everyone: Eli, Heather, Maddie, Opa, and Karissa
Will, Tyler, Jessie and Meghan
Kathy, Rick and me
Rick and Jessie worked on guitar
And we convened in the living room during a downpour so that Opa could read to us from his memoirs, a work in progress
I put Joss down and went to sleep right after this, but the others stayed up until past midnight playing the "What If" game and laughing uproariously
Another beautiful sunset after the rain.

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