Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trek Day Two

 Here is all of our ill-gotten booty. We had heard from leaders with increasing panic that the flags were missing and that they needed to have them for an activity.
 Rob and the kids mounted them all and brought them out at breakfast. Leaders were relieved. 
 Our trail the second day was all uphill until lunch; we were using a road that led to an old mine shaft. Silver mine, I think. It felt hotter, though I think it wasn't even 70 degrees. One of the things Rob got out of trek was how much worse life was for women simply because of the clothes. I felt ugly and hot, but not uncomfortable -- hiking boots and 15 yards of fabric is easier to wear than nylons and 4" heels in my book.
 We did do a women's pull, but with a very light hand. They guys were all running along side us and no one had to take a vow of silence or carry women across rivers or bury baby dolls . . . 
 And in our family, the girls had been pulling all along. We stopped for lunch up by the mine, then they posted the flags across the valley and made one person from each family run and go get them. Our hand cart could leave when our flag got picked up. Kudos to Brian for getting to our flag with out cardiac incident. I know I couldn't have done it!
We came down and stopped for lemonade. The leaders were great about breaks. The stake presidency was waiting at one point with Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches on the first day. They carted outhouses all along the trail for anyone. When Rob and I finally stopped to use one, we were hopelessly behind our family and we caught a ride on an ATV.

 At the end of day two, there were games set out, some kids dunked themselves in the lake, we had another fantastic meal, and then a testimony meeting. Here's Maddie with her friends Eliza and Abby. She looked good to me, but it turns out it was a lefthanded bow.
And here's my honey. He looks great, but I'm glad suspenders aren't part of his everyday attire!
We had a wonderful time. I would have kept going if only there had been showers or swimming at some point. And I decided that I'd happily have been a pioneer in the Grandview Stake.

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