Friday, June 07, 2013

Trek at Night

 Maddie and pals, once we got into camp: Lucy, Maddie, Hadley, McKay, and Toa. We had dinner, and I was completely converted to our leaders' way of doing things. We had fabulous food. We'd heard other groups getting beef jerky or bread and chicken broth to eat, but we had full-on feasts for breakfast and dinner, and they packed us picnics for lunch.
 After dinner they taught us two dances and the everyone tried them out.
 I love this one of Maddie. I think her orthodontist would too.
 Rob and I even matched up some of our "kids" with neighbors we knew and tried to keep them all with partners.
 Sam was chosen as bug-sprayer and he was just as effective as Caroline and the sunscreen.
 Here's the part where we're supposed to have a reflective time around the campfire sharing our stories of the day and emoting. Instead, one of the kids said "Let's steal all the other families' flags" and that is what we did. Kinley stuck one up her skirt. Katelyn and Brayden walked through another's campsite during their prayer and walked off with the flag. Rob and Caroline staged a heist out of the back of our neighbor's truck. By the end of it we had all of the flags and everyone in our group had participated. Rob claims the flag stealing was another excellent activity in building unity.
And it was gorgeous. GORGEOUS!
We adopted a bunch of kids who weren't ours, and I have no idea how many boys slept in the boys' tent, but I slept pretty well, and so it was all good by me.

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Jessica said...

If my kid had gone to trek with you all, I might not be so down on Mormon cosplay.