Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday in St. George

 Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I'd seen that's Bob's daughter Brenna was going on a mission and that her farewell was the very day that we'd be in Snow Canyon. So we looked up the directions and showed up at church. They were plenty surprised to see us (we hadn't said anything to anyone in case we didn't make it or it was tornado season or our car broke down or something). Brenna did a lovely job. She and Aleia and Julene sang a trio that Bob accompanied and it was beautiful. Here we are with Todd and Donna and Bob outside his house.
 And here is Rob with his cousins, Karen and Missy. OK, it does look like he got in at 2:40am, but we're there. That counts for something, right? It was so good to see them.
 Later we went to visit the St. George temple. We walked around the grounds and looked inside the visitors' center.
 Joss and Noah, defending the temple from some sort of space creepy.

Brigham Young's winter home (so much to do on the next trip!).

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