Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snow Canyon, Heading Home

 The morning we left, Molly found a gecko in their tent. Or rather, Nate found it. Molly removed it.

 We went back to the sand dunes so the kids could play.  Here they are burying Maddie.

 We soon realized that late afternoon was a better time to go, without the sun beating down on us. The adults still managed to cover education and technology and a bunch of other topics before we headed back for lunch.

 The campsite Molly got was tricked out. This pavilion was had lights and outlets and there were showers, which made going to church feasible.

And here Joss and I are standing outside the new tent we got Rob for his birthday. Pretty spectacular backdrop, no?
Molly & Nate took Will & Sebi with them so that we could fit in our car with Rob. Joss and Maddie slept most of the way home. We ran into two accidents which were holding up traffic just outside of Spanish Fork, but we did make it home. 
Great trip -- now let the washing begin!!

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