Monday, May 20, 2013


We had to send our camera in for service last month, and it just came back. This picture isn't a great measure of success because I took it through the dirty window in our bedroom, but I was charmed by the two birds fluffing themselves and settling in for a downpour. This pair has been in our backyard this spring. They frequent the bird feeder that Rob and Sebi made for cub scouts, found nesting materials in the garden, and they're probably in one of our trees -- I just haven't figured out which one yet.

I haven't blogged much at all both because of the camera, and also because I've been working two days a week up in Salt Lake. I've been looking for something for over a year now and I submitted resumes for two different positions in town, but they both wanted more hours than was practical with a preschooler.

Rob's brother offered to let me come up just two days a week and that seemed feasible. He owns a film production company in Salt Lake and he had just moved into an office in City Creek and a stage out by the airport. So I began by organizing their wardrobe, then moved into a catalogue of their exploits for future reference. I've made epic Costco runs and grabbed lunch and office supplies. I've gone in search of wardrobe and props like three tap dancing costumes, a railroad car that we could graffiti, an interior decorator's layout, two soccer teams, school uniforms and then I've made returns of I don't know how many unused items. I like the variety. I never know what the day will be like when I begin. 

I also like working again. I go for eight hours and people are polite and professional. There are no time outs, no one tell me I'm stupid or that they hate me (even if I am or they do), and I have yet to be used as a human hankie. In the meantime, Rob has come home to watch kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and he's organized my kids and my friends like I never had -- he's got playdates and carpools set up and he is often ambitious about the work or the play they're going to accomplish. One Thursday he moved about a ton of rocks he'd removed from our garden. 

When I began working I had lots of meals made for him to thaw and bake. Now he's up and running and he manages all on his own. He has routines -- a Tuesday run to Sprouts with Joss and Zinnia, or letting Joss ride the slides after his swim lesson. I don't know how much longer I'll do this, but it's been a good experience all around.

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