Monday, May 27, 2013

Beaching it

 It was decided that we needed to go somewhere with water. So we researched the options and chose Quail Creek Reservoir.

 People managed to get themselves wet.

 Or stay dry . . .

 But not burned.

 Several of us swam out to this island.

 Noah found pretzel sticks and everyone chowed on dried fruit mix.

 Zinnia. 'Nuff said.

Rob and kids swam back from the island. They were very proud of themselves because there has been so little swim practice since we got booted from the Provo pool.

 We stopped by for frozen yogurt on the way back to camp.

 Zach & Arinn

Nate & Molly

Me & Maddie. I got hooked on the tart stuff here. Mmmmm!

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