Friday, March 29, 2013

Sebi's Ninth Birthday

 Seb had a birthday party with friends at Nickel City, playing laser tag and arcade games and eating pizza and cake.
 He requested a lemon merengue pie for his family dessert.
And this is Maddie's very thoughtful gift to him. She decided weeks ahead of time that since Sebi wants to be a chef when he grows up that she would put together a chef's training kit for him. 

Here, in honor of his birthday are nine things I love about Sebi right now:

1. His hair. This year his hair has bleached out and often looks like a haystack because of swim team. He's had to work a lot harder at keeping it looking mammalian. 

2. His teeth. I'll always remember this stage of Sebi for his prominent front teeth. I know they'll get straightened and look perfect and white and Utah-y soon enough.

3. His height. He continues to be the gentle giant of his age group, both at church and at school.

4. His willingness to work hard. Sebi has really taken to swim team and got bumped up a level when he began short course. He is serious about it and he works hard at practice. Also, he is more of a backstroker and a butterflier than either of his siblings.

5. Stretching himself. Sebastian also picked up skiing this year, and it really goes against his natural tendencies toward warmth and comfort. He was truly independent about getting up to Sundance and taking lessons, and then stayed out much longer in the cold and dark without dinner so he could keep going. This is really big!

6. He isn't afraid of the phone. When Sebastian decides he wants to play with a friend, he picks up the phone and starts making calls. He doesn't mind talking to adults or strangers. I've had a couple of people tell me that Sebastian is the one who answers when they call our house.

7. He loves to dress up. He got a suit this year, and he loves to wear it. He even loves to wear it with a bow tie. Even a purple bow tie! His friend Nathan really wants a red suit, and Sebi confided that he really wants a purple one. Then it was turquoise when that became his favorite color; I tried to talk him into perhaps a teal suit rather than turquoise.

8. He has his own opinions. Color is a good example. He loves purple, turquoise and aqua. Maddie painted his toenails last week, and he decided that if he was going to have his toenails painted, pink was the most manly color he could choose.

9. He his so loving. Sebastian is loving and interested in other people and it shows. Everyone loves Sebastian back.

Happy Birthday to my gigantic nine-year-old!

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Kelsey said...

Get out of town!
Seriously, I was a bit flabbergasted that the jabbering toddler I once knew is not only older, but nearly into the double digits! Wish him happy birthday from the strange adult he knew seven years ago.