Monday, December 31, 2012

Potato Cannon

This year Will's science teacher got them working on their projects early (for which we're so grateful, since by the last week of January we're slogging around without Papa during Sundance).
 Will decided that he wanted to do the most expensive and dangerous project he could find and he came up with the potato cannon. Above are the items he decided to try shooting off in it. The rocks are to show scale (I don't understand how, but that's what I'm told).
 This project required Grandpa Shumway's help when buying the materials, and then after the first attempts didn't work, we went to Uncle Kelly. Once Bulk got in on it, things started happening. Oranges exploded. Hands got burned. Shed doors got blown off. Dents were made.
After causing enough destruction in the test runs, they took the rest of our produce and headed out to the local park.
 They did well with potatoes, and the Mexican jell-o looked like liquid fireworks, but the long distance winner was the lemon which made it a whopping 684 feet! It was an impressive stunt. Rob's taken it out a couple of times since to fire off for cousins and friends.

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