Monday, December 10, 2012

More of the Beaoo'ful School

 This one looks innocuous -- something about building roads and trains, but the caption informed us that Joss and the girl were actually playing some game about a cat and his owner. He appears to be saying "Miao. Talk to the paw!"
 Doing a puzzle.
 A train building party.
Lincoln Logs! This second session he learned about bread. We each got a copy of a DVD of the class walking us through all of the steps to making bread. There were four groups, all wearing white, paper bag "baking hats" and Joss was in the first, which had to grind the wheat. Since he's ground wheat with me at home on occasion, he was an old hand at it here.
Joss is now on winter vacation for the next month, and it may kill us both not to have a couple of hours apart each day! I'm looking for playmates!

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