Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Adventsingen 2012

 There was an Adventsingen this year! It was at the DeJong concert hall on campus. The Powers That Be are still looking for someplace more permanent now that the Provo Tabernacle is not going to be an option. This year Rob was the MC, and he and Will sang in the M√§nnerchor with Curtis.
Maddie sang in the Frauenchor with Katie and she even went over to BC's house to get "bedirndled" (this is the true event, in my opinion). Joss decided of his own accord that he wanted to wear the too small lederhosen not only to the Adventsingen, where that is regrettable, but understandable, but also to church, where that is just . . .  well . . . not a great fashion statement.
I spent one more hour of my life wrassling a small wound-up boy wearing that sweater while alphorns and hackbretts played. It is one annual tradition that I won't be sorry to see the tail end of. (Wrassling the kid -- not the Adventsingen.)

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