Monday, November 12, 2012

Overheard This Week

Will: She's not my friend. She's more of an I-can-tolerate-her-most-of-the-time sort of an acquaintance.
Rob: We don't eat that brown, whole grain rice around here. We only eat the white stuff.
Maddie: You're being riceist!
MA: My montage is taking too long!
Maddie: The subtitles on Sesame Street are really messed up.
MA: Well, you know, Sesame Street is supposed to teach kids to read. So if you can already read well enough to follow the subtitles, perhaps Sesame Street isn't for you.
Joss, walking into the room wearing underwear, after having been told to put some on several times:

Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Bellicose Halloween

 This year the kids all chose their own costumes. Sebastian picked this one off the interwebs, but when it came he was dismayed to find there were no pants with the gladiator costume. He wore it manfully with jammers to the school parade, then borrowed some leggings for trick-or-treating in the cold.
 Maddie had wanted to wear Sebastian's awesome punk rocker jacket for a year. Rob and I were glad to see our hard work get another use.
 Joss was the first to decide -- he'd wanted to be a knight since he'd played dress up at preschool.
 There's Sebastian!
 Will had a hard time deciding if he even wanted to dress up or if he was too old for that sort of thing. I found this online, and it's not a costume -- it's real fight wear. I think he made the right decision from what I can see of his face.
There was wonderful weather and lots of friends and neighbors came by. Everyone was treated out by the end of the evening.