Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Howard!

(I love this photo of der Robster. Doesn't he look so distinguished with his silver temples? His public speaking sensei would also be so proud of his eye contact and gesticulation. This is from his presentation in Reykjavik back in May.)
This week the professor was given a big university award, called the General Education Professorship. Here is a link to the list of this year's recipients (I don't know how long this link will work, but I'm going to put it in anyway). I got to go sit on the floor of the Marriott Center with his dad, Roger, and clap for him when his name was read and President Samuelson acknowledged him. Very exciting! And as his dad told him beforehand: "Look out for your mother. Sandy wouldn't miss this." Roger even picked up an extra program for her and I'm sending it off as soon as I figure out the postage.
The award reads: "In recognition of distinguished scholarship, teaching and citizenship at Brigham Young University."
It all reminded me of a story from years ago. My father and a colleague were trying to figure out how to honor someone else in the company. The colleague was, I believe, French/Canadian/Morrocan (he'll have to correct me) and he suggested that they give him "a Howard." "A Howard?" asked my father. "You know, a Howard. It means you give them a play-Q[sic] and a little bit 'o money." So there you have it; Rob got a play-Q and a little bit o' money. His brother-in-law thought that he should ask for a nice sweater like Ty Detmer, but a plaque will have to do!


Kelsey said...

How exciting! He certainly is great@
Also, you spell French quite magnificently.

Nedra said...

Yeah, ROB!!!