Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bear Lake cont.

Sunday we got to attend the Dingle ward. Saydi's mom and dad spoke, which was like winning free tickets to education week (and the best sacrament meeting I've heard in a couple of months). We came home and ate. Oh, we ate so well! I've got several new recipes to try out now. (thanks, Saydi!)
 Each evening we brought out the ukelele and tried to play and sing some songs to each other. Here Rob fingered and Charlie strummed -- he's certainly got the soulful singer looks down.
 Biscuit and Care Bear -- I'm pretty proud of this one because I got Emmeline into her M&S gingham by suggesting that Care Bear wanted to wear the Hello Kitty nightgown. Those dresses were so darling!
 And Joss in his shark shirt is pretty cute too! He has learned how to make the rubik snake into any one of a number of guns. In the absence of the snake he uses his fingers.
And of course the iPad helped to entertain as well . . . Wish I'd thought to take pictures inside too; it is the quintessential lake cabin and was so cozy. People were worried we wouldn't be comfortable, but after camping it felt simply palatial. 

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