Saturday, June 16, 2012

Maddie at the G.R.O.W Conference

[click to enlarge] As soon as Maddie came back from San Francisco, she attended UVU for four days with her friend Frances at the G.R.O.W. conference (Girls Retreat On Wisdom) which was sponsored by WISTEM (Women In Science Technology Engineering & Math).

They toured large parts of campus and had lectures and classes on everything from crime forensics to zoology to photoshop, geogebra, and aeronautics. I'm guessing that the idea was just to get girls into those classrooms and familiar with the subjects before they get scared off.

Maddie and Lucy came out jazzed about something each day and got a load of s.w.a.g. too. A week later she said "I miss G.R.O.W.  I wish I could go back."  I'd definitely sign her up again! Thanks Lois and Frances for the great time!


Jessica said...

What is geogebra?

Mary Ann said...

Maddie says that it is a computer program that allows you to plug in algebraic equations and puts out a visual representation of their results. The girls used them to make designs. I have to confess that I fell off that particular wagon in 1994 after successful completion of business calculus. Now I'm just grateful for Khan Academy and the fact that Mr. Khan is saving me from having to relearn any math.