Sunday, June 17, 2012


One of the worst sins committed by not keeping up with the blog has been missing out on several of Joss's fun linguistic stages. Here are just a few snippets that I can still remember:

"I can do it by me own!"
Now this has morphed into "-- by my own"

"Actually" He has sprinkled this in at the beginning of any declaration he can think of and ditto

"By the way" which he put in for several weeks. Now they just come into the conversation occasionally.

"If you would be kind to me if I could have squeezle cheese on my cracker?" This one happened after my father came to town with all of his diverse and assorted junque foods used to delight and amaze the kids. So polite, though! Grandma really worked with him on his "please" and "thank you".

singing all 13 Articles of Faith in the style of the Swedish Chef. Rob sings with the kids at our congregation in church and when he wants to mix it up, he throws down a huge die with six different styles of singing (opera, robot, british punk rockers, underwater fishes, swedish chef and something I've forgotten like farm animals). Joss was intrigued by the Swedish Chef and has seen a couple of videos of him, but I was surprised by his ability to sing like him!

"Mama, when I was a kid I used to like you."
Um, ouch. He's been very aware of friends and best friends and generally calls one or more of us his Bestest Friend several times throughout the day. It is a powerful thing and he wields it without fear.

Since summer vacation began, it has become obvious that I'm not the only one tired of Joss's constant chatter. Twice now his siblings have resorted to putting painting tape on him. I've outlawed it now, but they're just agog at how much he talks and how impossible it is to say anything or think anything when he's around. Joss submitted pretty happily to being taped up (picture notwithstanding), thinking that  it was more attention than he'd gotten the rest of the day.

When Grandpa came for his mission conjunto reunion, Joss fell in love with the guitar, or more specifically, the "qatar". His favorite song is now "They Call The Wind Mariah" and Joss has gotten out the ukelele and strums it seriously. He also got in trouble for putting a car in the ukelele hole.

Having just opened the door of the hamster cage and let said rodent escape: "He's having a campout in the blanket!" (He was not. Mr. Tibbles the hamster was M.I.A. for two miserable days until Rob saw him and caught him in the laundry room and put him back into his cage. We were all crabby at Joss, but I think I was most excited to get Mr. Tibbles in a known location. I don't mind rodents, I just mind unexpected rodents. For his part, the hamster was very happy to see his water bottle again.) No more camping hamsters!

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