Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alpine Water Slide

While Rob's sister and family was in town from Idaho, we went up to Alpine to a natural water slide. Rob had been here years and years before, but I'd never heard of it. We had to drive to the end of civilization and then had to hike 20-30 minutes from there in the heat. When we arrived at the slide, there were dozens and dozens of people and barely a spot to put your shoes. Kathy hiked up above and found that no one was in the pools up there, so we brought the whole crowd up here and had three pools all to ourselves.
We took turns dunking in the glacial water.
Aunt Heather leads the waterfall meditation
Nearly the whole crazy clan. Once the slide had cleared out, the bigger kids and some adults went down the water slide which was about 10-15 feet long and dumped you into another pool about like this. Maddie tried it, which didn't surprise me, but Will was the first one down and that did! The kids all  had cousins to hang out with and Tyler even brought his ukelele to add a soundtrack and panache to the event.
Rob and his brother, Rick -- excellent catchers of frogs, of fish with their bare hands, water moccasin escapers and dam builders. That Rick is quite a griller too. We all went back to his house and had burgers for dinner. As Rob said "This is one of those things that makes me glad I live in Utah." True. We were so glad we had gone a few weeks later when that whole section was on fire. I hope the slide escaped!

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