Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will's Sixth Grade Graduation

When Rob and I figured out that we were going to be in Iceland for Will's graduation, we were pretty upset.  I was certain that Will would be too. But when I finally told him that his grandpa would be coming instead of his parents, he said "That's even better than you guys!" And he was right.

 Both of his grandfathers were in attendance.
His teacher and aunt Betsy and her husband Kelly, made him a candy lei that was the envy of the whole class. Will even dressed up in Sunday clothes on his own. This was a big deal! And Kelly, who had a much better position than Rob and I would have, sent us a clip of Will getting his diploma:

After the ceremony, everyone always adjourns to the blacktop to see the classes perform the traditional maypole dance. They have been doing this for sixty years now!

Thanks, Grandpa, Opa, Betsy and Kelly for being there for our boy and making him feel so special! He's beaming in all of these.

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