Saturday, May 12, 2012

Don be Escared

 On Saturday after going to a friend's baptism, we flew across town to see Maddie in her end-of-the-year ballroom concert. She had been there for an hour and a half already, tarting herself up and putting spray tan and hair gel on anything that stood still.
 Her team, the Bulldog Beat, did a paso doble. We'd been quoting Strictly Ballroom for weeks: "Feel de rhythm. Don be escared."
 Maddie and her partner, Sheridan.

 She and Sheridan are the far right couple.
 Stealing the cape.

It is always a party to go watch the Provo ballroom events. The varsity team has won the national competition eight years running now, so they put on a good show. Even Joss behaved during nap time, and he did not close his mouth for the first three numbers. Jawdropping.
 Maddie and two doble damsels: Taylor and Kate.
 Friends and Joss after the dance.


J said...

Does this mean that your posting sabbatical has ended? Your legion fans are massing in excitement even now. We're hoping this means you are back on a weekly posting schedule, correct?

ashley said...

Maddie, you out shine Tina Sparkle any day! Congrats on a beautiful performance.

Ann said...

Oh my goodness. Lock her in a closet right now!!!!