Friday, May 25, 2012

Dance Festival and the Last Day Of School!

Friday morning we all went over to Wasatch to see the boys dance. Here is Sebi sitting with his class. I got to know them when I taught them about the community, economics and politics -- they are another bright and lively bunch!

Another lovely mother took this video, but she did a pretty good job of getting Sebi dancing. Looks like I held him back a year or two, doesn't it?
Will the graduate and his Auntie Betsy, Best Teacher In The Land.
Sebi on safari.
It sprinkled and drizzled through the program and cleared up as soon as the flag came down.
And Will did the maypole dance again. Here he is with Julia, daughter of a guy that Rob has sung with and known since college.
And one last one levitating with Emma. Huzzah! Hooray for summer!

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