Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camping at Greens Lake

[click to enlarge] To celebrate having conquered Iceland, we went camping. Yep, we did. We spent all day Friday gathering camping supplies from family and friends. We were still jet lagged, our bags were only partially unpacked, and I carried our passports and international driver's license around for the next week. But we did manage to drive out to Greens Lake by the Red Canyon Lodge near the Wyoming border. We went with the H, the A, and the M families, and when we got our walkie-talkie, Will decided our handle was "Big Schnitzel".
Molly the activist
After a very VERY cold night. We probably would have done much better in our tent if we'd just realized how cold it was going to be. As it was we were much more prepared the second night and just wore everything we'd brought.
Sarah, who managed to look fresh as a daisy despite a cold and long night. It was cold, there were kids running around late, then coughing, vomiting, and gagging while cleaning up. Pretty exciting. 
Beauties on the camping couch.

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Tueller 3 said...

I just couldn't resist a comment! What a fun bunch! I bet it was worth going, even with jet lag!