Saturday, May 26, 2012

All Toes In The City

After our extreme road trip on Tuesday, Rob declared that he would not step a toe out of Reykjavik on Wednesday. So after our usual breakfast of bread, fruit and skyr (Icelandic yogurt and believe you me, it is the next big thing -- Martha Stewart already has it in her fridge) we wandered over to look in the cemetery by our house. It was not only historically interesting, but botanically as well -- it has some interesting microclimate going that allows them to grow bushes and shrubs there that don't survive elsewhere.
We meandered back down to Lake Tjornin
 Through the City Hall and the municipal buildings
On our way to the city museum of Reyjavik. Rob's friend Werner had recommended it highly and we take him seriously because he works at the city museum of Vienna, which is a stunning museum. We were impressed here too -- you could walk through it at a fast pace and see everything, or you could sit at each station and watch videos, read books, pull out maps and diagrams and on and on. We stayed well past lunch time and then realized that if we were going to our next stop, we'd better run.
So we jogged over to the Icelandic National Gallery, which had some great installation art like this:
And this: my favorite was a big metal case full of transparencies of lots of the waterfalls in Iceland. When you pulled them out, it played a recording of the sound of the waterfall. That was five minutes that we thought the kids would enjoy. They would have whined the rest of the day.
Then it was 5:00pm and I was what Rob's colleague calls "hangry" which is angry because you're hungry (how have we not thought of this ourselves? how have we lived without this word?) so we set off for somewhere to eat.
We finally settled on Icelandic Organic Fish & Chips which were good.

Mango salad, rosemary potatoes, haddock, ling, with a lime & coriander sauce. Mmmmm. I would eat it all again right now!
We walked along the harbor to the opera and slipped inside to get a break from the wind. It isn't that the wind is cold, just that it's relentless. Phew! The opera was very nice inside. The windows on the outside light up at night in different patterns; a photographer's paradise.
I took Rob to the Ship of Forks.
And then he dragged me to the end of the visible town to see this church. I was too tired to look it up at the time and it still makes me tired looking at it now. It is called 
Háteigskirkja and was built in 1965. 
I sat there on a bench while Rob took pictures and then hobbled home, ready for bed.

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Nedra said...

Thanks for all your Iceland posts. I feel like I've been there now and I ddin't have to brave the wind!