Saturday, April 07, 2012

Sebastian's Baptism

Even before his baptism, Sebi had a big weekend. The day before Rob took him down to the pool to try out for the UVRays swim team. He has desperately wanted to get onto it for a couple of years, after watching Maddie and Will and attending their swim camp. He had all kinds of support from coaches, siblings, parents, and friends and he dominated in the pool. Hooray for our newest Sunray!
Then Sebi's baptism was the day before Easter. The grandparents all came and many friends and family too. Maddie gave a smashing talk, and he was baptized with Ryan from our ward too, so the chapel was packed with friends, teachers, and neighbors. Brother Olsen told everyone some of Sebastian's favorite things, and also that Sebi wanted to be a muffin when he grew up (Brother Olsen's son wanted to be a stop sign when he was a boy, which gives me great hope -- the Olsens are sharp).
He was baptized in one try (fish that he is), and then Rob gave him a very thoughtful and personal confirmation, blessing Sebi to look after the forgotten ones: those on the fringes who feel on the outside. It was beautiful.
The kids all got to wear their Easter finery a day early, and after a great lunch (I don't remember at all what we had, but it was good and there was plenty, so in the future I shouldn't obsess over it), our teens hid several dozen easter eggs in the backyard and everyone else grabbed something to hunt with.
Lucy marshaled the troops with their baskets.
The easter egg hunt. In late May we found half a dozen eggs still hiding in and around the garden. 
The Purves Family
The Isoms. The photographer didn't manage to get any pictures of Breens or grandparents or cousins or even Sebi and Rob in their whites, but they were all there, and it did happen. I saw it with my own eyes. 

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