Friday, March 30, 2012

Ballroom Tryouts

While we were celebrating Sebi's birthday and baptism and swim team tryouts, Maddie had one of her own: the big one. Maddie tried out for Provo High's ballroom team. Hopefuls attend a meeting one day and the outgoing varsity seniors teach them a new routine which they have one day to learn.
They come back the next day and perform for the coaches. The varsity seniors decided to do a tango, which Maddie had never done before. Then her dad talked her into going to a YW activity instead of going to the tango workshop they were putting on. I pulled up the tango scene from True Lies to help her practice, but other than that, she was on her own. No one in this house knows how to clench a rose in their teeth!
And the result? She made it on to the JV team as a freshman! We can't believe it! We are so proud of our girl. She's a very hard worker and a motivated dancer! You'll be great, Maddie Lou!

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