Friday, November 25, 2011


This is my favorite picture from Thanksgiving this year. It reminds me that this was a great year because of the McKids. They are all growing up so fast and Jessie is already in college, but they are so much fun together and such good kids. They are smart and witty and entertaining and kind. And we're still all quoting David's "I'll take some, coach, if it's all the same to you", though none of us has his comic timing.
It was also a great year because of the food and all the family we had to help prepare it. This was the first year Rob and I got to host for the McFarland family. We had everyone but the Beans, who stayed up in Idaho. With all the other cooks, I actually did a lot less than last year, and the food was spectacular. Maddie and Rob get a special mention as our pie specialists. They have decided to take that on and have been practicing whenever they find fruit for a filling. There was a smashing lemon meringue along with the more typical pumpkin, apple, chocolate and mincemeat (OK, not typical, but traditional), and they made little Mr. Kipling-style tarts in muffin tins.
Jessie and the olives
The kids' table. Joss is just a blur next to Adam, who had split his eyebrow and gotten stitches. Sebi and Hannah sit in the foreground.
And the tryptophan-induced nap.
We eventually got up and wobbled about the neighborhood in the evening. It was a good time all around!

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